Praise for  MERCY

“The World is a beautiful and broken place and Lara Santoro is an amazing new voice.  Mercy is a fabulous novel.”  Alice Sebold, author of The Lovely Bones

“Mercy…confirms Santoro as a powerful new talent.”  The Financial Times

“A gorgeously written novel.”  Oprah Magazine

“A stunningly ambitious debut novel.  The writing is exacting and effective.”  Washington City Paper

“Sublime...Evokes the continent…in decidedly unsentimental prose, [Santoro’s] depiction of international journalists' lifestyles is similarly powerful. ...The characters and their complicated relationships remain stirring until the end.”  Publishers Weekly

"Santoro’s experience as a journalist is evident in her straightforward prose…this debut is a notable tale of contemporary forms of suffering and relationships.” Booklist, Leah Strauss

“It grips from the beginning and at the end is unforgettable.  A profound, moving look at the way love transcends and transforms.”  Metro

“Heartfelt and moving.”  Herald

What to Read this Fall: Mercy by Lara Santoro
“Santoro has been covering…wars, genocide, famines... Now she's out with a novel about a hard drinking journalist working in Africa. It has some of the obvious Graham Greene echoes, but that's never been a bad thing.”  Critical Mass, National Book Critics Circle

“[Santoro] pens a tightly written first novel with complex characters and a gripping storyline. While a work of fiction, Santoro's authority comes from personal experience in Africa and her first-hand knowledge of international journalism.”  Tampa Tribune

“There's a great tradition of memorable servants in the world's literature…One is tempted to add Lara Santoro's Mercy to that list...Santoro's portrayal of her title character is vivid [Mercy] powers the novel and keeps the reader reading.”  Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Some of the most thought-provoking and moving writing you’ll ever read.  The Advocate (Baton Rouge, LA)

“A tough and touching novel...Santoro has a gift for language, description, and honesty...Not only does Santoro write well, but she has the guts and commitment to turn the foul effects of disaster capitalism—pharmaceutical piracy—into a story of Mercy. Lara Santoro is the real thing.”  Taos Daily News

pleading hands of ethiopian children - Symbolizing Lara Santoro - Author, Journalist, humanitarian
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